Kothar is designing, engineering and producing top quality products for the high pressure cleaning- and car wash industry

Founded in 2002, Kothar is a company that specializes in designing, engineering and producing top quality products and components for car wash and high-pressure cleaning equipment.

Kothar understands the demands in price, quality and product range in the industrial cleaning sector.

Thanks to wide-ranging expertise in foreign markets, distribution and product stock, Kothar has the resources to provide highquality and user-friendly products at a competitive price not found anywhere else.

Kothar’s products are innovative and offer an exceptional flexibility in workflow. In addition, Kothar has the capability and know-how to develop customized products and systems in a quick and efficient manner. Kothar’s team of experts is always readily available for any customer need.

Kothar has the expertise, tools, and manpower to take any idea from the design process – through manufacturing, testing and quality control – to the market and end-user. Strong relationships with factories and distributors give Kothar the ability to adapt to customer needs, as well as to cast a large selection of its own products.

Kothar’s partner factories all offer a wide variety of production techniques and methods. These methods range on a vast production spectrum.

Kothar can design and produce everything from very simple to very complex alloy parts and components. All Kothar products are made with the most competitive cost and the highest possible quality standard in mind.

Kothar has strategically located its Design & Development department in Dalian, China. Product stock is, however, centrally located in the Netherlands for fast and easy distribution to all European and World markets. Moreover, close alliances have been established with factories based in Beijing, Dalian and Ningbo. As such, Kothar has a unique advantage in flexibility and customization to the benefit of the customer.

No client is too small or too big for Kothar. We are able to design, produce and engineer custom products and work systems for any company or professional in need of high-pressure industrial cleaning equipment. Kothar, in addition, provides all customers with advice and assisting services during the set-up of work systems to ensure the achievement of maximum results.